About Us

Why the Celebrity Film Awards

CELEBRITY FILM AWARDS rewards the Film Industry with annual Awards Ceremony.

The Exclusive Awards Ceremony take place every year in Matera, European Capital of Culture, a magic town in South Italy where CEO/Chairman Walter Nicoletti (italian actor, producer and founder at Voce Spettacolo Film Production) is born and is broadcasted online with an amazing TV Show on CFA official Youtube channel.

The CELEBRITY FILM AWARDS wants to celebrates cinema and all films coming from all over the world. The jury is composed by industry professionals, including members of the Hollywood Critics Association, Critics Choice Awards, Chicago Indie Critics, Seattle Film Critics Society, Online Film Critics Society, Online Film and Television Association, and film critics of specialized magazines including Rotten Tomatoes, Letterboxd, Moviefone, The Hollywood Times and many others.

The primary goal of the CFA is to celebrate dreams of cinema together an amazing group of critics, directors, actors, producers to represent the voices of a new era in Filmmaking.