Caless Davis, CFA Member

Caless Davis

Ever since he laid eyes on a television screen, cinema has been a constant presence in Caless’ life. Films are the images in which dreams are fleshed out and played to the audience of the world. From Disney VHS tapes to now constant days inside the AMC theater, he lives and breathes cinema.

He is a very cordial, laid back, and easy going person to get to know who respects others opinions and is willing to see the other side of disagreements. He loves all genres and still has a long watch list to catch up on when it comes to the classics. When not watching films, he is probably watching basketball, soccer, or football because he is also a major sports fanatic.

He loves any discussion of film and meeting new people to engage in film discussions on any subject. Caless is currently an accredited film critic and member of the Seattle Film Critics Society. You can find him active on Twitter and Letterboxd, as well as the Feelin’ Film Facebook Discussion Group.


Feelin’ Film

Seattle Film Critics Society Website

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