CFA Membership


The CELEBRITY FILM AWARDS welcomes applications for new membership. CFA is committed to growing its membership and to accepting new members.

In 2023, the deadline for submitting an application for membership is March 31, 2023, at 5 p.m. PST.

Applicants should be working journalists, film critics, directors, actors who live anywhere in the World. Applicants must submit three examples of their work product from the past two years.

Applications will be reviewed, and admission decisions made, by CFA’s Credentials Committee, comprised of the Executives CFA members. Membership decisions will be based on the applicant’s skill and experience, their commitment to advancing the mission of the CFA, whether their membership would contribute to the diversity and whether they would provide a diverse perspective to the CFA.

The CFA is a professional group for online film critic, journalists, actors, directors, producers. A volunteer group run by its membership. The mission is to further the growth of an informed film audience, to promote awareness of the Internet as a source of news and commentary, to communicate and discuss ideas about journalism and cinema, and to encourage a high standard of journalism across the online media.

If you are interested in becoming a member or juror, please review the following rules and qualifications below and send request to to becoming a member.

All members must have a minimum of two years of experience in film and/or television.

All members are representatives of the CFA, therefore, you must be respectful of others and their opinions. Things like name-calling or gender bashing are strictly prohibited. This applies to all social media platforms. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards hate, sexism, and racism.

All members must publish at least 1 articles/videos/podcasts relating to film and/or television each month.

All members of the CFA are required to watch the best film/tv series of the season regularly.

All members must write at least 12 articles each year. Articles can include reviews, opinion pieces, interviews, etc. If you do video content, videos must be at least 2 minutes in length. If you do podcasts, all podcasts should be at least 10 minutes in length.

If you have an issue with a member of the CFA, please email so that an executive member can review the situation and resolve the issue with you.

Any award screeners, screening links, event invites, swag, or screening invites received as part of being a member are not be shared or distributed to anyone outside of the CFA.

Under absolutely no circumstance is it allowed to disclose any information about the CFA to anyone who isn’t a member. If it is discovered that you have disclosed any information, you will be immediately removed from the CFA.

CFA Rules and Requirements Yearly

Vote for the Film Awards Submitted and the Best Film/Tv Series of the season.

Participate in social media member projects.

Share and promote CFA content such as podcasts, award show teasers/graphics, and member content on your personal social media channels.

Send in any required communication/forms according to deadlines.

Attend, if it’s possible, the CFA Ceremony each year.

Mention that you are a member of the CFA on your social media profiles.

Annual Reviews

An annual review of every member will be done every year after the Celebrity Film Awards Ceremony:
Warning: member will be subject to a one month review.
Remove: member will be remove from CFA by Executives CFA due to his inactivity.

If you have questions related to the application process, please contact Walter Nicoletti, CEO, Chairman CFA at