Nominations 2022

The Celebrity Film Awards has announced today the nominees for the 1st Annual Awards Ceremony.

The Celebrity Film Awards intend to reward film industry honoring all the best films and stars of the season. The jury is run by industry professionals, including members of the Hollywood Critics AssociationCritics Choice AwardsChicago Indie CriticsSeattle Film Critics SocietyOnline Film Critics SocietyOnline Film and Television Association, and journalists of specialized magazines including Rotten TomatoesLetterboxdMoviefoneThe Hollywood Times and many others.

The primary goal of the CFA is to celebrate dreams of cinema together an amazing group of critics, directors, actors, producers to represent the voices of a new era in Filmmaking. CFA wants celebrate film industry with new methods to criticize film through vlogs, webcasts, podcasts, or social media. The CFA membership discusses and award film throughout the entire year and not only during award season.

The CFA annual awards ceremony held every year in Matera, South Italy, before the Oscar Night and is introduced during the Voce Spettacolo Film Festival, a very exclusive and special event.

Today the founder Walter Nicoletti has announced the nominations: “after almost a year of work, we announce the foundations for an international event that aims to celebrate the film industry every year in Matera through prizes that we hope to deliver directly in the hands of Hollywood stars, also thanks to the direct connections we have established with professionals, who are part of the most important cinema organizations in the world and who live in the United States “.

Below all the Nominations of the 1st Annual Celebrity Film Awards: